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This chart demonstrates some of the on-label and off-label ways that these products can be used for both rejuvenation and augmentation. 


Botox®, Dysport®, and Xeomin® are called "Neuromodulators" as they alter the nerve signal to the muscles, decreasing the activity of the muscle. These products will collectively be referred to as "botox" throughout this page. The process is called "chemodenervation" because we are using a chemical substance to alter the nerve signaling to the selective muscles. 

The most common areas treated with this method are:

  • Forehead Wrinkles 

  • The Glabellar region between the eyebrows

    • This addresses the vertical lines that many refer to as the 11-lines (Eleven Lines)​

    • It also addresses the horizontal line that some people get between the eyes.

  • The Crow's Feet / Lateral Eyebrow Lift

    • There are variations to the pattern of wrinkles, but these are generally the horizontal wrinkles on the lateral (outer) part of the eyes.  

    • Depending on how these are injected, it also gives a mild amount of lift to the lateral eyebrow.

    • If brow lift is not a desired outcome, this can be countered by injecting above the brow. 

  • Regardless of how they are used for cosmesis, chemodenervation is all about balancing the muscle activity to work in favor of an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

OTHER, Off-Lable Applications include:

  • Botox for the Masseter Muscle and Wide Lower Face

    • The masseter is a large muscle that lays over the far portion of the lower jaw. An enlarge masseter can be aesthetically pleasing on a male, but can disrupt the smooth heart shape of the feminine face. ​Weakening this muscle will cause it to reduce in size and achieve that balanced smooth taper of the female face. 

  • Botox for Nasal Droop​

    • The tip of the nose will often dip downward when a person smiles. This a normal function of the depressor septi muscle, however it can be exaggerated in certain individuals. In case where the nose drops, particular in pictures when smiling, a very small amount of botox can be used to reverse the effect. 

  • Botox for Chin Pitting​

    • The mentalis muscle can create an unwanted pruning of the chin. A small amount of botox in the right locations can alleviate this undesired appearance, leading to a smoother chin. ​

  • Botox For Neck Bands​

    • The vertical neck bands that can often be seen when flexing neck muscles are from the platysma muslce. These bands can be selectively injected with botox for a smoother ​appearance. 

  • Botox for Frowning Rest Face​

    • The Lips have numerous muscles controlling ​their expression. Some individuals may notice that there is an umbalanced exaggeration of the frowning muscles, more specifically the depressor anguli oris. When injected, the corners of the mouth are very slightly elevated at rest, giving an overall more gentle and friendly appearance. 

  • Botox for The Jawline​

    • Although the jawline is often better accentuated by fillers, botox can be used to off set the balance of muscles in order to achieve a subtle improvement in definition. ​

  • Botox for Increased Eye Opening​ and Lower Eye Lid Roll

    • Our eye muscles work hard all day long. As all muscles, these can enlarge with increased work. The bottom portion of the eye muslces (obicularis oculi) can become enlarged giving the appearance of a small roll under the eye. This is different from fat under the eye. A botox injection can loosen this muscle, smoothing out the under eyelid and also leading to a mildly more open appearance of the eye. ​

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