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Welcome to the surgical procedures section of our website. All content on this website is created personally by Dr. Zhuravsky with the intention of providing easy to understand, informative, and honest explanations. Content will be added on a regular basis. If there are any portions of the website that seem unclear, of if you have additional questions, please feel free to email Dr. Zhuravsky at [email protected], or call for a complimentary appointment (732.851.1231).

The surgical section is split into 2 broad categories; Rejuvenation and Augmentation.

Rejuvenation procedures are those that we perform to reverse the effects and appearance of aging. There are several major changes that occur as we age including loss of facial volume from fat and bone, decreased skin elasticity, and a loss of support for the facial skin. The sum of these changes is deflation and drooping of the skin, which is most notable around the eyes, midface, jowls, and the neck. Thus the rejuvenation procedures are focused on correcting those changes by removing excess skin, re-suspending the tissues, and returning volume to these areas. This is of course an over simplification, but captures the essence of the category. Each procedure will be described and explained in more detail individually.

Augmentation procedures are those focused on changing the appearance of particular features in order to obtain a more aesthetically desirable appearance. This includes pinning back protruding ears, using chin implants to balance the lower face, and enhancing certain facial features with either implants or fat. Each of these will also be described in detail individually.

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Dr Z awesome, one of the best. He makes you feel comfortable and really takes the time to answer all questions and concerns. He’s super knowledgeable about all the latest and greatest techniques and makes sure to explain all details of any procedure. He knows what he is doing and will make you look your best. You’re in trustworthy hands! And the office is beautiful too.


There is also a 3rd category; Reconstructive. Dr. Zhuravsky see’s patients after resection of facial skin cancers with Mohs surgery to repair and correct the defects functionally and aesthetically.

If you would like more information or consultation for any of these procedures, Dr. Zhuravsky will be happy to discuss them with you. Call 732.851.1231 to setup an appointment.