Cheek Fat Pad Reduction Conveniently located to serve New Jersey and Howell

Although cheek fat and fullness are often a sign of youth, in some cases, an excess of fat can make the face appear more rounded and fuller. The buccal fat pad is located in the central, soft area of the cheek, just below the cheek bone (zygoma). When in excess, this fat pad can obscure that soft indentation of the mid cheek, giving the entire cheek a more circular appearance. This soft area is sometimes exaggerated with make-up contouring by placing a darker tone or bronzer, as it will also promote the prominence of the cheek bone above it.

PATIENT GOALS: Slimmer Cheeks
SURGICAL GOALS: Remove excess buccal fat to contour the cheek
ANESTHESIA / SURGICAL LOCATION OPTIONS Local (In Office) General (Surgery Center)
RECOVERY TIME Minimal, 1-2 days

The Procedure

Removing the buccal fat pad provides a subtle improvement in cheek contour as it helps create that soft indentation in the central cheek region. This mild change can be a significant change for select patients.

The procedure is relatively simple and can be performed with just local numbing in the office setting. A small incision is made INSIDE the mouth, just near the area we often bite our own cheeks when chewing. The fat pad is gentle removed and the incision is closed with dissolvable sutures.

Some improvement can be seen immediately, but a mild -moderate swelling with occur, obscuring these results during the first week. There is a mild soreness in the area, and patients must take care not to bite the area when chewing (just as you would after biting your cheek). Some of the results are noted after the first week, but they continue to improve as a gradual mild decrease in swelling can be appreciated for several weeks.