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Facial Contouring is a very loose term that in the case of facial plastic surgery refers to changing the size and shape of specific facial features in order to achieve a more attractive appearance. Contouring can be performed with fillers and / or fat grafting, as these are used to augment the volume of specific features.

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Fillers are a great option as they are readily available and can be performed on the spot. Fat grafting is a more involved procedure as the fat must first be taken from another area of the body (through liposuction) and cleaned before it can be injected. The benefit is that in most cases an abundance of fat can be harvested and it will last longer, in some cases semi-permanent. Additionally, fat contains stem cells which can improve the overlying skin quality.

Attractiveness does not depend on each single feature to be ideal, but rather for all the features to be in an aesthetic harmony and proportion. This can be demonstrated by taking the most attractive features from several individuals and putting them together into one face. The sum of these components does not yield an attractive appearance. It can also be demonstrated by focusing on the individual features of overall attractive faces, they are not all ideal, but they harmonize well with the rest of the face.

There is certainly a large artistic component to facial contouring but there are also some general rules and guidelines that we can follow. We can divide the face vertically into equal 5th, and horizontally into 3rds to help identify proportions. We look to make longer faces appear relatively shorter by widening them, and vice versa. We look for areas of deficiency such as the jawline / chin or cheek bones to balance them out.

In some cases patients have specific issues and features that they dislike, while in other cases they may not be sure. In either case, an assessment and discussion with Dr. Z will help determine what can changes are possible.