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This procedure has recently RE-gained popularity as it produces a subtle yet substantial improvement to overall facial aesthetics. The length of the top lip determines how the human eye perceives the proportions of the lower face. A long top lip can make the entire lower face appear longer and even disrupt a smile by covering the top teeth. As all other structures on our face, the top lip tends to descend and elongate with age. In other cases, individuals may simply have a longer top lip. In both scenarios, a lip lift can provide a very notable improvement.

PATIENT GOALS: Improved Upper lip and lower face aesthetics
SURGICAL GOALS: Remove excess skin of the upper lip
Elevate the upper lip to show upper teeth on smiling
Local with IV Sedation (Hospital or Surgery Center)
General (Hospital or Surgery Center)
PROCEDURE LENGTH 45 min – 75 min
PAIN LEVEL Mild to low moderate

Lip Lift Frequestly Asked Questions

  • How Is a Liplift Performed?

    This can be performed under general anesthesia or with local numbing and patients awake in the office. It can be performed with other procedures or individually.

    The lip is shortened by removing skin from just underneath the nose. The incisions are shaped in a special “bull horn” pattern to disguise them as well as to achieve a natural elevation of the lip. Sutures are then used to close the excised area, lifting the lip in the process.

  • What Can We Achieve With a Liplift?

    As mentioned, the lip lift creates a more youthful upper lip. It can also improve overall facial aesthetics by balancing the lower face for those with a naturally longer upper lip.

  • What Is the Recovery for a Liplift?

    There is a moderate amount of discomfort during the first week, mostly related to a tightness sensation and some mild throbbing. Patients apply an ointment to the sutures located just underneath the nose, and these are then removed on day 7. Swelling of the region is common but the bulk of it will resolve within the first week.