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The cartilages that have been discussed not only determine the shape of the nose, but they also support the nasal airway and so are very important to nasal function. Nasal breathing is the more efficient and easier way to breath. Just think of how much more difficult it is to do anything with your nose clogged. When we breath in through our noses, the sucking force that pulls the air back also pulls inward on the nose. Inhale hard and fast through your nose and you will see it pulled inward. In some cases, the structure is not strong enough to support this force and the amount of collapse prevents air from easily passing through. In other cases, the structure and shape of the nose result in a narrowing that is present even without inhaling. The 2 areas where this can occur as called the external and internal nasal valves.

The septum is also very important to nasal function. Septal deviation means that the septum (the wall down the middle of the nose) is not ideally straight. Most people have some degree of deviation, but it is not a problem unless the amount of deviation obstructs breathing.