Neck Lift & Neck Tightening

This is a procedure that is often times performed along with a facelift, but can also be performed as a stand-alone surgery with impressive results in properly selected patients.

Neck Lift & Neck Tightening at a glance:
PATIENT GOALS: Improve the appearance of the neck and double chin region
SURGICAL GOALS: Reduce excess skin of the neck
Tighten the platysma (neck muscle)
Reduce excess neck fat
ANESTHESIA / SURGICAL LOCATION OPTIONS General (Hospital or Surgery Center)
Local with IV Sedation (Hospital or Surgery Center)
Local (In Office)
PROCEDURE LENGTH 1-3 hours (depends on surgical extent)
PAIN LEVEL Mild to Moderate

Neck Lift & Neck Tightening Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is a Necklift?

    The simplest form of the surgery involves making an incision just underneath the chin, removing excess fat, and tightening the underlying muscle (platysma) in order to improve the appearance of the neck. However, this approach depends on the skin having good elasticity as it DOES NOT REMOVE the extra skin.

    A more comprehensive neck lift DOES REMOVE EXCESS SKIN, as it requires additional incisions behind the ears and along the neck hairline, where the excess skin is removed. This approach is very similar to a facelift but without involving the front of the ear or face.

  • What Can Be Achieved With a Necklift?

    The excess fat, skin, and sagging structures of the neck are supported, thus creating an improved neck line and appearance. The jawline can also be improved with this approach as tightening of the neck will highlight the chin and jaw contour.

  • Who Is a Good Candidate for a Necklift (As a Stand-Alone Procedure)?

    The simple approach (limited to incision under the chin only) is a good option for those with good skin turgor and elasticity. This means that the skin will retract to conform to the newly improved neck contour after the fat is removed and underlying muscle is tightened.

    The more comprehensive approach is for those with either poor elasticity, or more excess than can be treated with a chin only incision. These are patients that want an improved neck line and jawline, but do not want or need a facelift.

  • What Is the Recovery for a Necklift?

    This is NOT typically described as very painful surgery, but there is a high-moderate amount of soreness and tenderness throughout the neck region during the first week. The soreness and tenderness improve over the first week down to a mild-moderate level over weeks 2-3.

    The extent of bruising varies from a one or two small areas, to several patches throughout the neck. These typically fade over a 1-week period.

    In all cases, simple and comprehensive, a compression bandage has to be worn after surgery. It is very important to wears this throughout the day for the first 5-7 days, then nightly for the week after.