Facial Filler Chart Conveniently located to serve New Jersey and Howell

Facial Fillers can be used in a wide variety of ways for both rejuvenation and augmentation. The diagram on this page was created by Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky to demonstrate some of the on-label and off-label methods in which they can potentially be applied.

Again, it is very important to note that each filler product has a very specific set of characteristics. This does not make one filler better than another, but it can make certain products better suited for specific locations and intentions. Part of the artistic component is using the right tool for the job.

Dr. Zhuravsky prefers to inject most areas with a cannula, however he feels needles are occasionally better suited for the job. Cannulas look much like needles, but the end is blunt and rounded off, rather than sharp. This allows for a less traumatic injection, with decreased bruising, and less discomfort.

Facial Filler Diagram