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This category includes procedures that can be performed in the office, without general anesthesia or the need for actual surgical "cutting", and require minimal to no downtime. 


Filler Products Used by Dr. Z:



JUVEDERM® Product line:

(Voluma®, Ultra Plus®, Plus®, Volbella®, Vollure®)

The filler products themselves are just that; products. They are tools that we use to add volume to specific areas of the face in order to replace volume loss from aging, or augment the shape of various facial features. Each filler product has their own unique qualities. The actual procedure of facial fillers requires the injector to use the right filler to achieve the desired results. This is in a way similar to the painter choosing the right brush and paint, or the photographer choosing the right lens and lighting. 

The applications are numerous in the right hands. Click the diagram below to learn more. 

The method of injection also varies between injectors. Dr. Z prefers to use CANNULAS for almost all types of fillers and areas in order to minimize discomfort, trauma, complications, and bruising.



Products Used in the Office:



These products are formulations of Botulinum toxin, and often simply referred to as "botox" colloquially. Like fillers, these are also "tools" that we use to achieve a desired result. However, their use and application is very different from that of fillers.

The face is made up of a very complex network of muscles, which allow for facial expressions and also determine the position of certain facial features. 

Botulinum toxin allows us to selectively decrease the activity of specific muscles (or parts of muscles) in order to reduce wrinkles and even alter some facial characteristics.


Fat Grafting /

Fat Transfer

One of the most notable changes of the aging face is the loss of volume. Fillers provide one method for replenishing some of this volume. However, our very own fat can be used for volume replenishment and facial rejuvenation. 

Fat is "harvested" or suctioned from unwanted areas (abdomen, love handles, hips, legs), then injected into various areas of the face to achieve the desired results. 

While this sounds very similar to facial fillers, there are some key differences:

  • While at least 30% of the fat will be re-absorbed by the body, it is generally retained longer than fillers, and it is often considered a "permanent filler"

  • Because we know that 30% will be re-absorbed, we must account for this by slightly over-filling initially. 

  • Fat has also been suggested to contain stem cells, which improve the overlying skin quality. 

  • Since we are suctioning fat from another region, the recovery process is more involved, requiring the patient to care for "donor region" or area from which the fat was taken by wearing a compression garment.  


(Platelet Rich Plasma)

This is a relatively newer procedure for cosmetic surgery, but has been in used for other medical conditions for many years. 

Platelets are an essential component of human blood with the primary purpose of clotting blood. However, they not only prevent use from continuously bleeding after an injury, but they also promote healing.

The procedure involves taking a patients own blood (much like when doing routine blood work, but no fasting required), and separating out the portion known as platelet rich plasma (by spinning it in a centrifuge). This is then injected into various areas of the face, to rejuvenate skin or into the scalp to promote hair density and growth. 

Skin Rejuventation
Hair Restoration
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