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Highly Trained & Certified
Highly Trained & Certified

About Our Practice

Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky, or as he is commonly called by his patients, Dr. Z, possess a strong passion for Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. He is highly trained and skilled in the art and science of cosmetic surgery with innate talents that allow him to excel in the field.

Those who worked with Dr. Z in the OR & Office trusted him with their own care. — Client 7/17/2019
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Facial Plastic Surgery Facial Plastic Surgery Facial Plastic Surgery Facial Plastic Surgery Facial Plastic Surgery Facial Plastic Surgery Facial Plastic Surgery Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Non-surgical Procedures

    This category includes procedures that can be performed in the office, without general anesthesia or the need for actual surgical "cutting", and require minimal to no downtime.

    The filler products themselves are just that; products. They are tools that we use to add volume to specific areas of the face in order to replace volume loss from aging, or augment the shape of various facial features. — Dr. Z Learn More
  • Surgical Procedures

    New Jersey facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky, provides a variety of Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery procedures such as Face Lift, Blepharoplasty (eye surgery), Rhytidectomy (Face lift), Rhinoplasty, Brow Lift and Fat Grafting.

    Plastic surgery does not have to be intimidating nor be associated with 'fake' results. I take pride in providing my patients with a very comfortable experience, a customized approach, and natural results — Dr. Z Learn More


Dr. Z is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty. Widely considered by his patients as the best New Jersey Rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Z takes great pride in achieving his patients’ aesthetic and functional goals.

He focuses on natural-looking results while placing patient safety and comfort at the top of his priorities. If you are considering having rhinoplasty in New Jersey with Dr. Z or want more information, check out his extensive page on rhinoplasty and schedule a consultation.

  • Most caring and talented surgeon EVER!! Words cannot express how happy I am with my rhinoplasty. He’s the best! — P. A. Learn More

Approach to Facial Plastic Surgery

Each area of the face must be complemented by its surroundings. This is why the same set of lips or eyes does not look the same on two different people.

  • These days, the market is flooded with "new" and "cutting edge" procedures and surgeries. While it is true that the field of cosmetic surgery is constantly advancing, it is important to distinguish between reality and marketing. — Dr. Z Learn More