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Split ear lobes and partially torn ear lobes can be very bothersome but are fairly simple to repair. Split ear lobes often occur from trauma when an earring gets caught on a piece of clothing or accidentally pulled by someone (be careful with large earrings around toddlers). Partially torn earlobes can also occur from trauma, but many times are the result of heavy earrings worn for many years. In other cases, a large opening may have previously been created on purpose. This can also be used to rejuvenate an ear lobe that has elongated and thinned out with age. It can also be combined with filler to create a more youthful and plumb ear lobe.

A split ear lobe will prevent individuals from wearing earring in the primary hole, while a partially torn lobe will limit the types of earring that can be worn.

“Fast, painless”

5 5 Star Rating Got stitches at Dr. Z office last week. Was done fast, painless and what most important after 10 days almost invisible.  

by Gary Z

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The Procedure

In cases of a split and partially torn ear lobe, the procedure is essentially the same. It is performed in the office setting, taking approximately 20 minutes per ear lobe. The ear lobe is numbed with a topical cream and small injection of lidocaine. A very small amount of skin is removed from each side and these areas are sutured together. There is no pain during the procedure, and a mild throbbing / soreness for a few days. The sutures are removed after 7 days. The ear lobe is allowed to heal at least 6 weeks before re-piercing.

Patients can go back to their regular day after the procedure, but should exercise for 24 hours and avoid getting the ear lobe wet for 24 hours.