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Micro-needling is the technique of improving skin quality and appearance by inducing the skin’s own natural healing processes with microscopic needles. This can be done as a stand-alone procedure but is often combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

The SkinPen is the first, and currently the only FDA-approved device for this purpose.

Micro-needling At a Glance:
PATIENT GOALS: Rejuvenated, healthier skin (Especially Face & Neck) Reduction of scar tissue, including Acne
LOCATION In OFFICE, with topical numbing ointment
PROCEDURE LENGTH 30min. for numbing
RECOVERY TIME 3 – 5 days (Redness fades during this time period) Return to work 24 – 72 hours (job dependent)
PAIN LEVEL Not truly painful, discomfort is mild to none

Micro-needling Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does Microneedline Work?

    As the device is passed over the skin, tiny surgical grade needles make many micro-injuries. These injuries stimulate the skin to remodel producing more collagen and elastin, which are very important in overall skin quality.

    When used in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), the effect is further enhanced and healing accelerated, as PRP contains a concentration of important healing factors. Most of Dr. Z’s patients prefer the addition of PRP with their treatments as they have appreciated the benefits.

  • How Is Microneedling Performed?

    A numbing ointment is placed on the regions to be treated (face and neck) then given approximately 30 minutes to take effect. If PRP is to be used, it is collected during this time period with a small needle and prepared in the centrifuge.

    The face is cleansed and the procedure begins. Either a gliding lotion is applied or the patient’s own PRP is used topically as the device is passed over all areas of the skin. The depth is adjusted depending on the skin thickness. The patient feels vibration but does not feel sharp pain. The face and neck region take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to cover.

  • When Are the Results Appreciated?

    Results are appreciated approximately 3-4 weeks after each session. Although mild results are noted even after one procedure, it usually takes approximately 3 sessions to get a significant improvement. These can be performed 4 weeks apart.

  • What Is the Downtime / Recovery After Microneedling?

    There is a moderate redness during the first 24 hours, much like a sunburn. This quickly fades to a blush that continues to improve for 2-4 days after. There is also some dryness/flaking of the skin during days 2-4 that can be associated with some mild itching. Patients apply a special ointment during this time period.

    Exercise, sweating, significant sun exposure should be avoided for 2 days.

    Light make up can be applied after 2 days.

    Most patients go about their public everyday activities after 24- 48 hours.

  • Who Should Not Have Microneedling?

    Those that have taken oral isotretinoin therapy should avoid micro needling for at least 6 months after completion of treatment.

    Those taking immunosuppressive medications such as those for autoimmune conditions. Some medications suppress recovery and others suppress the immune system.

  • What to Avoid Before Micro Needling?

    Those with a tendency for cold sores or herpes simplex virus should notify their doctor, and must have therapy PRIOR to the procedure in order to help prevent an episode.

    Avoid excessive sun exposure, self tanners, and topical therapy with retinol / Vitamin A for 48 hours prior to procedure.